Births - Oct. 1

Backus Hospital

AUG. 25 - A son to Jose and Gloria Rivera; a daughter to David and Michelle Doyle; a son to Karl Barry Jr. and Rebecca Lefebvre; a son to Stephen and Kayla Lynch.

AUG. 27 - A daughter to Owen McKenzie and Enjala Foy.

AUG. 28 - A son to Kyle and Tasha Heath; a son to Philip and Christie Burns.

AUG. 29 - A son to Wakeil Hendrickson and Jennifer Maheu; a son to Jarred Staplins, Sr. and Meggan Champagne; a daughter to Joseph Tamborra and Gelaine Strozeski.

AUG. 30 - A daughter to James Poirier and Lynnann Woods.

AUG. 31 - A daughter to Aren and Nycole Kata.

SEPT. 1 - A son to Kevin and Erica Ducharme.

SEPT. 2 - A daughter to Justin and Kelcey Martin.

SEPT. 3 - A son to Michael and Abby Von Halem.

SEPT. 4 - A daughter to George and Ann Greeno.

SEPT. 5 - A son to Timothy Burgess and Andrea Zeigler; a son to Jacob and Morgan St. Germain; a daughter to Kendrick and Karen Jacobs; a daughter to Richard Roethel and Nikia Bibeau; a daughter to Neilson Spencer and Leah Moore.

SEPT 6 - A daughter to Justin Davis and Courtney Corcoran; a son to Jaclyn and Moriah Wojciechowski.

SEPT. 7 - A son to Jian Han Zeng and Kai ling Li; a son to Jeen Valentin and Shannon Grace.

SEPT. 9 - A son to Scott and Holly Bolduc; a daughter to Mathew Medrano and Glenda Gilliam; a son to Christopher and Raven Hyllested; a daughter to Matthew and Valerie Douglass; a son to Timothy Whitfield and Stefanie Sylvestre.

SEPT. 11 - A daughter to George and Kelley Brosofske; a son to Michel Gomez.

SEPT. 12 - A son to Jesse Beck and Bailey Spellman; a daughter to Kane Borden and Emily Casey; a son to John and Danica Moone.

SEPT. 13 - A son to Michael and Sarah Smith; a daughter to Wesley Hilyard and Lorreana Price.

SEPT. 14 - A son to Casey and Rachel Crafton; a son to Jonathan Velez and Yelithza Perez; a son to Peter Smith and Abigail Cushman.

SEPT. 15 - A daughter to Nitai and Maureen Schwarz; a son to Patrick and Melina Igoe.

SEPT. 18 - A son to Shawn and Jennifer Wright; a son to Adam Brostek and Amanda Safranek.

SEPT. 19 - A son to Nicholas Euell and Rosita Quiles; a son to Thomas Jr., and Sarah Seifert; a daughter to Joshua Joubert and Taylor Turney.


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