Publishing ridiculous column by Keillor was shameful

I admit that I was a bit foggy as I read The Day Nov. 4, but I woke up very quickly when I read “Cue the fat lady, because Trump is done” by Garrison Keillor on the Opinion Page.

I admit that I actually read it in its absurd entirety three times just to make sure that I was not missing something. I found no punch line that would explain the “joke." You should be ashamed to publish something so ridiculously baseless in fact, embellished by one person’s obviously slanted perception of reality.

I am a “deplorable” who becomes prouder everyday of my 2016 vote for President Trump. I would suggest that in the place of such trash perhaps you should have put a review of Donna Brazile’s recent book.

Laura D. Parent

Old Lyme

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