New London school bus incident mishandled

I’m writing regarding the incident in which someone passed a New London school bus unloading students at New London High School. The law is very clear. Even emergency vehicles cannot legally pass a stopped bus displaying its SOS signals. Kudos and support for the driver who did as he was trained to insure the safety of his passengers.

Then the offender boarded the bus, an absolute “no-no.” She confronted the driver with, “Do you know who I am?” Ye we do. You are a person who illegally passed a school bus that was unloading students. Oh, she meant that she is an administrator who is above the law! What, she didn’t see the bus? Right, those big yellow things are tough to spot. And the flashing red lights certainly don’t attract attention.

Is she going to be held accountable? Guess not. The driver has been re-assigned, and the acting superintendent supports this. Maybe the driver is lucky. Why should he even want to work in a district that puts the ego of an administrator above the safety of its children? Shame, shame.

Amanda J. Swider


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