Try a 'Fair Share' method of taxation

This election is about what makes us a community and who represents our vested interests. 

Communities were formed for various reasons such as, but not limited to, common defense, geographical location, food and fresh water resources or common industry. 

These "Commonality of Interests" led to the incorporation of political subdivisions. The most common way of funding a municipality is through the levying of taxes. Unfortunately, 50 percent of the populace are burdened with 100 percent of the financial obligations of providing goods and services due to the fact that an overwhelming portion of the city property owners are exempt from taxation due to their nonprofit status yet they (the nonprofits) are consumers of those same goods and services. 

I suggest that the Incorporated City of New London eliminate the current property tax system and replace it with a "Fee for Service" system based on a percentage of "Fair Share." It is not such a farfetched idea. The total square footage of any given property divided into the total square footage on the new grand list would yield a percentage and that percentage would be used to determine the "Fair Share" obligation.

Mike Hudson

New London

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