Don't shove millions at EB, show fiscal prudence

A better way to work with Electric Boat and other military contractors in Connecticut would be to develop specific educational needs as a team. Develop those needs into programs in our state technical schools and colleges. Giving Electric Boat 50 million taxpayer dollars doesn't make any sense. Giving them $100 million for infrastructure doesn't make any sense either.

It would be better to define what EB's infrastructure plan is in specific terms as it relates to Connecticut. If it benefits Connecticut, then offer a tax abatement. The state should also include Rhode Island in planning, as the Quonset Point facility will reap the benefit of any infrastructure and educational improvements. Electric Boat and its parent company, General Dynamics, understand the value of a good workforce and understand in the long term a state needs to be fiscally sound.

That should be our goal. 

James L. Miller


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