Unlike Catholics in name only, he's grateful for pro-life President Trump

David, mocked and ridiculed by the “invincible” Philistine giant Goliath, dispatched him with a stone between the eyes. President Trump was also mocked and ridiculed by his opponents, outspent 2-1, and is still attacked by the humiliated, blatantly biased media. Miraculously he defeated the “invincible” Obama-Clinton Democrat Goliath cabal shielded by the corrupt, politicized FBI, Justice Department and IRS. The implacable, obscene hatred rages on, much to the delight of America’s enemies worldwide.

All Christians, especially Catholics, should thank God. This president is intent on destroying ISIS, not the Little Sisters of the Poor and our religious freedom. Be grateful for the most pro-life president in modern history! Both he and Vice President Pence delivered live speeches that electrified the massed pro-life marchers in Washington, D.C. Had Clinton won, she would have been chortling to her Planned Parenthood covens advocating for unrestricted abortion.

In a letter to his flock, Bishop Cote denounced abortion as a “grave moral evil.” The letter should have been read from the pulpit of every church in the diocese. Catholics in name only needed to hear it.

Kudos to zealous, conservative pro-life evangelicals and Southern Baptists who supported President Trump!

John C. Goodrich


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