Confident sovereign immunity would protect North Stoington 'no' vote

With a rational "no" vote Thursday, the path to salvation in North Stonington lies in admitting that the First Selectman Mike Urgo's regime had no authority to sign the school construction GMP (allegedly resulting in millions of dollars in exposure). We can then abandon the farce that 23.03 percent reimbursement is 46.07 percent reimbursement because 23 is half of 46. The law of sovereign immunity protects the people from rogue politicians. 

See State of Connecticut v. Lombardo Brothers Mason Contractors, Inc., et al, Nov. 13, 2012. Citing "the universal principle that only those with specific authority can bind the government contractually; even those persons may do so only to the extent that their authority permits. [Thus], a party who seeks to contract with the government bears the burden of making sure that the person who purportedly represents the government actually has that authority . . . ." 

The contractors should be afraid, not you. The sooner the Urgo regime stops pretending that the 46.07 percent resolution condition was met, the sooner we can tell Downes Construction that sovereign immunity protects us from all potential liability. Then we can pursue an economically rational course that won't drive people (many elderly) from their own homes.

Anthony Palazzolo

North Stonington

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