Officials: Plane ran out of fuel before crash-landing in Meriden

MERIDEN, Conn. — The National Transportation Safety Board says the small airplane that crash-landed in Connecticut last month had run out of fuel.

According to a preliminary report released Wednesday, pilot Philip Cianciolo, of Wallingford, had calculated he would arrive in Meriden Jan. 27 with six gallons of fuel available.

An airplane passenger had suggested they land to refuel in Hartford, but the report states Cianciolo was "confident in his fuel calculations" and didn't want to pay the extra cost of fuel in the city.

The report says the plane's engine lost power about 2½ miles north of Meriden Markham Airport.

Cianciolo attempted to land in a pond, but the plane hit a fence and ended up on land.

Cianciolo and his passenger suffered injuries, but they survived the crash.


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