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Destroying all the things that made us so strong

Long ago the communists realized they could not defeat the United States by dropping the bomb. American democracy was too strong and the older generation was too smart. 

So how do you bring down such a country? Pretend you are defeated yourself and go underground. You have to work on the children. Slowly infiltrate and breakdown the legislative and judicial branches, the educational system and religion. Make them demand their own demise. 

Think I'm a nut?

Have them abort their young so they can't multiply. Make lots of laws so they get used to control. Then confuse them. Get them to think what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. We must protect lawbreakers (illegal immigrants?). The real problem here is the government stopped enforcing its own laws.

Have them disarm themselves. Do it one type of gun at a time. Ever wonder why the government never acted on tips like 9/11 (hey, we have men who only want to learn to fly but not takeoff or land)? Oops. Or school shootings (hey, maybe you might want to take a look at this guy). Oops.

That's it in a nutshell. 

Oh well, everything is on schedule. Enjoy your slumber. 

Robert Lang

New London

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