Letter to the Editor: Losing construction program a bad move at Grasso Tech

To the Editor:

As the president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Eastern Connecticut and also the owner of The Advanced Group, learning of the closure of the Carpentry/Residential Construction Program at Ella T. Grasso Technical High School came as a great shock.

The program serves a great purpose for the incoming work force that, as many in my field will tell you, is dwindling away. I do recognize that the program will be available at other trade schools, but I cannot fathom why you would add another roadblock for the students of southeastern Connecticut who may not be able to commute to other area trade schools.

Many businesses in my area struggle to find properly trained employees who are able to work on their projects. I speak for my members and board alike when I say that this closure would surely be detrimental to the already scarce workforce that is available to our local businesses.

If this decision is not overturned, you are adding additional strain to our businesses – maybe not immediately – but incontestably in the coming years as individuals retire.

David Preka


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