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Waters' rhetoric is dangerous and also criminal

Robert De Niro curses the president at the Tony Awards. Kathy Griffin holds his severed head in a photo shoot. A GOP congressman is nearly killed at a baseball game by a Bernie Sanders' lunatic campaign volunteer. Actor Peter Fonda wishes that Barron Trump be held prisoner in a cage by pedophiles. A cabinet member is heckled out of a D.C. eatery shortly followed by a Virginia restaurant owner ejecting and then harassing White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and family because of her position in the Administration.

If this isn't enough to convince the American public of the hysterical anger and cruelty of an increasingly leftist-oriented Democratic Party, then nothing will. But now enter from stage "left" Maxine Waters, one of the most corrupt Democratic members of Congress, cited but never punished for ethics violations. This paragon of virtue and social justice warrior invites anti-Trump haters to confront supporters of the president wherever they do business − gas stations, restaurants, pretty much anywhere.

Such rhetoric is beyond irresponsible, it's criminal in nature and intent. So don't be surprised if upon waking one morning you hear of a cabinet member or senior administration official who was brutally murdered.

Peter Wilson


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