It's not workers GOP seeks to protect

Who could disagree with the concept of so called, “Right to work laws?” Right to work laws are billed as freedom to work without paying dues to a union that may not offer you anything in the future and one whose goals you may not agree with. 

Looking at those who support these laws and the states that enacted them should make one wonder. The organizations that support these laws, generally are Republicans. They have a history and an agenda of opposition of any law that benefits workers, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and overtime pay.

They have little concern for laws beneficial to laborl, historically and now. We are left to conclude their support of “Right to work laws” is really an attempt to weaken labor and workers’ rights and reduce payroll expense. 

When one applies for permits to develop property, there is generally a hook-up fee for utilities. These services are in place, just as workers benefits are in place for new hires. The benefits have been negotiated for all workers. They will be enjoyed by current and future workers. It is only fair that the new hires pay their share.

Peter Madden

East Lyme

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