The state needs Martha Marx in Senate

I encourage everyone to support Martha Marx for state Senate. Martha has been my home-are nurse for more than five years. She is exceptionally hard working and compassionate, and she understands the effects that healthcare decisions have on seniors like me. We need her energy, leadership, and heart in Hartford fighting for all of us. 

As I near 100 years of age, it gives me great comfort that I can receive healthcare in my own home. Martha has helped me retain both my independence and my health. During Martha’s visits, we talk about health challenges facing senior citizens, the high cost of prescription drugs, and the flaws in our healthcare system. Martha sees firsthand the reality of people’s lives every day. She would bring those experiences with her to Hartford to advocate for a strong healthcare system that meets the needs of people like me and my fellow citizens. 

Martha has my vote because I know that she has the wisdom, experience, and passion to fight for what is best for all of the residents of the 20th District.

Fred Serluca

New London

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