Day takes great first step, now press the fight

President Obama spoke Sept. 7, urging Americans to vote, because American democracy "depends on it." He's right when he says President Trump is a symptom, not the cause of the catastrophe we now face. Democrats have been calling on Republicans to stand for country above party, but only a few have stepped out from the shadows. Many more, sadly, collaborate, deflect or simply go AWOL in defending our Constitution. The Grand Old Party is addicted to votes from people misled to embrace resentment, wild conspiracy theories, absolutism, and now reject science and facts.

I have read social media posts on Facebook, listened to amateur radio and subjected myself to fake-Fox "news," witnessing them twist and distort facts, make up convenient stories, and brainwash followers. On Sept. 12, The Day takes the first step by exposing anonymous, keyboard warriors requiring their names be public. Take the next step. Challenge these elements as forcefully as the NRA "protects" the 2nd Amendment.

Our first line of defense is the First Amendment, not the second. I am calling on The Day and all media outlets to take on these provocateurs. Challenge them. Aggressively defend the truth. Fear not, no love will be lost from those who already disdain the mainstream media.

Conrad Heede



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