State Bond Commission to vote on $5 million for State Pier

New London — The State Bond Commission is expected to vote Thursday on a measure that would provide a $5 million grant-in-aid to the city for dredging at State Pier.

If awarded, the grant-in-aid will be used to finance maintenance of dredging along selected areas at the pier. State Reps. Chris Soto, Christine Conley and Joe de la Cruz issued a joint statement Monday urging the commission to approve the grant award and highlighting benefits of dredging.

“The Port of New London continues to demonstrate its value as an economically strategic investment. Glad to see our state’s commitment to the Port as developments continue around offshore wind, defense and commerce,” Soto said in a statement.

“There are so many benefits that we will see as a result of this grant-in-aid,” de la Cruz said. “The ability to guarantee cleaner, more quality water is the obvious. But, investing in our shoreline will spur great economic development for our community. I thank the bond commission for seeing the importance of this investment.”

“Ensuring clean water is essential to the future of New London,” Conley said in the statement. “With the shoreline as a major attraction and economic booster of our community, it is so important that we do everything in our power to keep it clean and protected. I encourage the State Bond Commission to vote in favor of this funding.”



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