Send Cheeseman packing in November election

On Oct. 1, Connecticut’s Bump Stock Ban took effect on the one-year anniversary of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, in Las Vegas. Fifty-eight people were killed in an act committed by one person. Months later came the devastating massacre of children at Parkland. I was shocked to learn that my state representative, Holly Cheeseman, did not support this legislation, which had overwhelming bipartisan support (114-35 vote).

What about the safety of our children and the community at large? This is not who I want representing my family in East Lyme. Common-sense gun laws are supported by the majority of Holly’s constituents, and we need to have all our voices heard, not just the few.

I will support Hugh McKenney for state representative because I know he will represent all of us. McKenney listens to us. He is someone who understands our district and its community, and cares about our safety. I am concerned for the future of my friends, neighbors and all of our children.

In order to protect our future, I am voting for Hugh McKenney for state representative on Nov. 6. Please join me! 

Catherine (Cate) Steel

East Lyme


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