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Play a part to slow climate change

Global warming will eventually melt all the ice in the ice caps. If the ice melts in Antarctica and Greenland, the water level would rise 230 feet in Connecticut and would cover most of the coastline cities.

Over 23 communities in Connecticut could be underwater after the ice melts. In Long Island the water levels have been rising faster than the rest of the world at 10-11 inches per century. As water level increases, so does the temperature of the water, which will make the temperature of the air rise in Connecticut.

Everyone can do something to slow down climate change and global warming and stop the ice from melting. Drive less, carpool, switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle and ride a bike to work or school. Use your energy wisely by turning off electronics like lights, computers, and your television. Recycle and invest in renewable energy like windmills and solar energy.

If you are eligible to vote you can support people who will change laws to help climate change and pollution. Buy your food organic and local. Don't waste food, start a garden and grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Justin Silva


Editor’s Note: I'm a junior at Waterford high school and wrote this letter for my civics project.


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