Elci's libertarian views appear cold-hearted

Lee Elci certainly laid out his political philosophy in stark and uncompromising terms with this debut column. It sparked many questions, however, and since he'll be writing a weekly column (really? why?) perhaps he could use the space to answer some of them:

Is there any room for compassion in his world view (for other than "anything with fur and four legs?") Is there any sense of the common good?

In his free market view, are there any checks on corruption or should everyone be free to take whatever they can get away with? Shall we just trust the rich and powerful to regulate themselves? To clean up pollution their industries cause? To reverse global warming out of the goodness of their hearts?

I guess we don't need the police. Nor social services agencies that care for children, the disabled, the poor, the sick. Let them all fend for themselves! (Sorry, that wasn't a question. But he should feel free to comment!)

And what about education? Mr. Elci got a fine education through the Waterford schools. Would he deny the same privilege to current and future generations of students?

Does anybody have any responsibility to anyone else? 

Kathryn Spindler



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