Effective representation in Hartford is critical

I am proud to call New London home. In my daily travels I meet residents, business owners and visitors. A common theme in our conversations is “If only New London’s potential could be realized.” I have to agree. Our oceanside city can’t blossom with bad leadership, despite the right ingredients.

I am involved in the politics of New London. I am engaged in the issues we face in our community and I am outspoken on how to solve our problems. With effective leadership New London can be the seaside destination city it was always meant to be.

We must move forward on education, the environment, and inclusivity, which begins by making New London an attractive, affordable place to work and raise a family. Effective representation in Hartford is critical.

Democrat State Rep. Chris Soto has announced he is taking a job in the Lamont administration. Chris promised the moon, and despite his word, he’s gone. This is not integrity or leadership. It’s a bad look and we can do better.

We must surpass status quo for the people that live here to all participate in a brighter future. It just takes the right leadership.

Kat Goulart
New London

Editor's note: The writer is the Republican nominee to replace state Rep. Chris Soto in the 39th House District.


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