Pave River Road, forget plastics

Can the Groton Town councilors focus on more important topics than plastics? River Road has not been paved in 20 years. 

After contacting Rachael Franco and other Groton Town Council members there seems to be no end in sight in developing a plan to review road paving in Mystic. River Road is used by many runners, bikers, kayakers and walkers and has extensive cracks, divots and potholes but continues to get ignored. 

According to the council, a plan to review the local roads requires a $75,000 consultant analysis when the town has employees who are more than capable of analyzing. I can tell you myself the road needs to be paved! Apparently, the councilors continue to reject the funds for the analysis and hence the roads will not go onto future plans.

After contacting Sen. Heather Somers, who has remained very supportive, she said she submitted a bill to address the issue. 

Councilor Franco is also chairing the Groton Beautification Committee. The last project the committee focused on was a survey regarding plastic usage. 

Can we please focus on more important topics? 

Kevin Bogle



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