Give school board some power over hiring in New London schools

When I was first elected to the New London Board of Education in 1997, the seven-member board would get full application packets of every new hire in the district. These were delivered to our homes and we had 72 hours to voice a concern to the superintendent. If three or more of us voiced a concern, the superintendent would reconsider the application. This provided a check and balance on all new hires.

As time went on, the board would only receive notice of new hires.

Around 2010, the board was not even told of new hires. Today, we cannot even get names of who works in the district with salaries attached.

I am pleading with the community to support me as I seek a better check on hiring. I have asked repeatedly that rules be changed so that the school board must act on a document, listing all new hires, before the hirings become official. This could be done at every regular meeting. This would help the school board, elected by the community, to protect our students.

Many districts provide the school board with a list of new hires. We cannot allow the district to hire anyone who may be a risk to our students.

Jason Catala

New London


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