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Is 5g safe technology?

We have nearly saturated our environment with manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR). With the coming of 5G, small cell networks will emit microwave radiation continuously at largely untested frequencies. Each site’s electronic gear poses fire/collapse hazards, as well as liability, privacy and security issues. 

These systems have never been tested for safety. The FCC, in 1996, was prohibited by law to provide any testing. About 250 scientists called on the United Nations to prohibit implementation because of grave concerns for safety. 

In 2016 U.S. National Toxicology Program wireless testing of rats produced heart growths and potential brain cancers. Early testing in Holland of 5G, 7.68 Gigahertz antenna caused 297 birds to fall dead from the skies. Autopsy showed internal bleeding. 

Governor Lamont signed a streamlining law to allow 5G providers to put up towers anywhere on easement areas, state and local properties. Planned are microwaving antennas every second to tenth light pole, plus large antenna arrays on every school, firehouse, police/safety building, town building, business district and so forth. 

Searching ‘electronic magnetic radiation’ produces excellent articles . Please become informed. 

James E. Stuhler



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