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Don't strip resources for drug research

Eastern Connecticut finds itself at the center of the growing fields of health care and pharmaceutical research. These industries are part of the fabric of our communities and have a local, national, and global impact of which we can be proud. The research our friends and neighbors conduct at Pfizer and bioscience companies changes, even saves, people’s lives.

Expansions and collaborations among some of the most well-respected hospitals and research institutions are offering residents unprecedented access to local care. Members of the biopharmaceutical industry continue to work here daily to bring cures to patients. This innovation is important for patients across the world who are now managing diseases that just a few years ago had devastating outcomes.

As a national debate seeks to address costs associated with health care and prescription medications, it is essential that we take into account the value of innovative cures and the investments companies make in research and development.

Proposals to lower the costs of prescription drugs for all Americans are laudable. Our representatives in Washington, however, must be cognizant of far-reaching impacts and unintended consequences as they evaluate proposals such as HR 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

Billions of dollars are reinvested in research that brings new treatments to market. It would be counterproductive to damage resources directed to developing new medications and supporting continued innovation.

Tony Sheridan

President and CEO, Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut




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