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State reports COVID-19 rate of inmates and staff at 9%

The state Department of Correction on Monday announced it has completed the first round of mass coronavirus testing of its staff and offenders with an overall positive test rate of 9%.

There were 9,504 offenders tested across 14 facilities and 832 positive results, the DOC said in a statement. The Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center in Montville reported 152 positive cases among the 960 offenders tested. There were no positive tests reported among the 563 offenders tested at the Janet S. York Correctional Institution York in Niantic, the only state facility for females.

This week, the DOC said agency health care staff will again be offering testing to the approximately 440 offenders who had previously opted out, with the goal of achieving at least a 90% overall facility compliance rate.

The mass testing began on May 13 and concluded on June 25.

All but two of the offenders who tested positive as part of the mass testing were asymptomatic. The remainder of the offenders who tested positive stayed asymptomatic throughout the 14-day isolation and monitoring period, the DOC said.

At present, out of the approximately 10,000 incarcerated offenders, only three are still recuperating from coronavirus-related symptoms. The mass testing results do not include the 510 offenders who had previously contracted the virus prior to the start of the mass testing.

Mass testing of the department’s staff is also being conducted, and is ongoing. Since the onset of the pandemic some four months ago, 380 employees have tested positive for the virus and all but three of them have since recovered and returned to work. It is anticipated that the remaining three staff members will return to work within the next few weeks.

Testing of all DOC staff members who have direct contact with the offender population is expected to continue.


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