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Leamon uniquely qualified to serve as probate judge

With Judge Nick Kepple’s impending retirement in Connecticut’s Southeastern Regional Probate District, our local Democratic Party has endorsed Beth Ladwig Leamon as their candidate for the November 2020 special election. Beth is currently facing a primary challenge within her own party, to be decided by affiliated voters on Aug. 11.

I have known Beth since we were both young children, and we are now colleagues in the same law firm. As a result, I am convinced that Beth Ladwig Leamon has the empathy, integrity and legal experience needed to be both a successful candidate for office and an effective Judge of Probate.

The Probate Court will affect each of our lives at one time or another, and the significance of electing a competent, accomplished, and caring Judge of Probate cannot be overstated. Beth has dedicated her career to representing local families before our Probate Court in all variety of matters, and this experience makes her uniquely qualified to serve the families and residents of our district as Probate Judge for many years to come.

The role of Probate Judge is too important for on-the-job training, and I know that Beth can hit the ground running on her first day in office.

R. Cris Palmer, Esq.

Campaign Treasurer, Leamon for Probate




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