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Kamala Harris endangers both free speech and the unborn

One nation under who?

Was the omission of the words "under God" by some groups at the Democratic convention a harbinger of what to expect from the Biden/Harris ticket?

When Sen. Kamala Harris was attorney general of California she obstructed justice against investigative reporter David Daleiden. Posing as a buyer, David recorded numerous undercover videos in public places that document Planned Parenthood's illegal and ghoulish part in the trafficking of fetal body parts. Having received campaign funds from PP, Harris orchestrated a vicious harassment and persecution that continues to this day. After raiding and confiscating all his equipment and videos, he was slapped with 15 phony felony charges and gag orders to keep his findings from public notice.

Chris Wallace first exposed evidence that abortion procedures were altered to obtain quality organs for trafficking in 2000. Aired on ABC's 20/20 it became David's inspiration. At that time, Planned Parenthood was not a target and stated that those who do such things should be brought to justice.

How is it then that an investigative journalist who uncovers felonies faces criminal charges while the real culprits face none? Planned Parenthood gets more than a billion in tax dollars every year. Both Biden and Harris have a 100% anti-life record.

Florence Sammataro



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