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Bias shows in headlines

I could not help but notice the subtle change of tone in the headlines now that the election is over. On Nov. 6, a headline read “Unemployment drops to 6.9% and US adds a solid 638,000 jobs." Positive outlook it seems, as 638,000 jobs is “solid."

However, on Oct. 2 with the election still looming, the headline read “US hiring slows for 3rd month in sign of struggling economy,” while the economy gained 661,000 jobs.

So, with the election pending there were 23,000 more jobs added but the headline focused on a “struggling economy” and the slowing of hiring. Yet after the election even though job gains slowed for the fourth straight month the gains are considered “solid." It appears there is sudden optimism for the economy among this paper’s editors.

It is a wonder that trust in the mainstream media is eroding. Subtle bias like these headlines is much more dangerous than an entire network that prides itself on its slant. At least Fox News does not deny their bias, so when the general public tunes in they know it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Greg Ellis



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