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We should all unite as Americans

When I was a child, the neighborhood kids all played together. It did not matter if you were Irish, Italian, Black, or wherever your family came from. That has not changed. I still see my niece’s and nephew’s children playing the same. This great land is the melting pot of the world, a nation of immigrants from every country.

One thing that divides our country is people calling themselves anything other than Americans. To say you are Irish American, Italian American, African American, or associate with any other country, you are dividing this country. When asked your nationality, proudly say American. When you are asked what your heritage is, proudly say where your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or however far back your family goes − were from.

Everyone born here is an American regardless of where their family came from. Help put a stop to the great divide. It is only one little step, so let us make it the first step. Maybe then the divide in our country can start to heal and we can come together as the Americans we all are. Let us learn from the children who still play together regardless of their heritage.

William Fortune




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