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Airing dirty laundry of murder victim's family was unnecessary

East Lyme lawyer represents man granted early release from prison through First Step Act,” (April 15)

I hope that Luis Noel Cruz can continue to maintain his transformational life outside of prison. The 33-paragraph article describes his expression of sorrow for his two murder victims’ families, his becoming a paralegal, a translator for religious services, and the support of his local attorney and family.

My question to Day Staff Writer Taylor Hartz and the Day editors is what was the journalistic value of identifying one of the murder victim’s father as a former police lieutenant, convicted 14 years after the murder of his son, on corruption charges? Including this information, and apparently not interviewing anyone from the two murder victims’ families for comment, is not objective journalism. The Day readers deserve better and the families of Arosmo Diaz and Tyler White deserve an apology.

John Tauro

East Lyme



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