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So many problems with planned Coast Guard museum location

How many times do we have to drive this museum off the cliff before we understand that you cannot drive down this road? "We the People" need answers to "critical" questions. The answers have been "murky" to say the least.

Let's start with the claimed amount of money raised. Of the $75 million at least $20 million is bonded money from the State of Connecticut that cannot be used until construction has started. About $25 million has been raised over seven years into a project that was supposed to be completed in five. The original cost of $100 million, is now, "What?" The remaining money, probably U.S. Government; with restrictions?

Hidden costs: The Armny Corps of Engineers to rebuild for the 100-year flood plain before you start museum building. What, if any, costs for museum parking only? How do you plan for service vehicles to make deliveries? What plan for coordination with rail service?

I also think it is time for a justification of money spent on salary and what the nationwide effort plan was to raise donations. If we reach the 10-year level without progress, Connecticut should withdraw its bond money and New London end its agreement.

James L. Miller

Ret S/Agent USCG, Retired State Trooper




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