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Day prints all sides, as it should

In response to Marybeth Carver’s letter, "Choose constructive letters for publication," (June 4): The Day often prints "conservative" views such as Lee Elci, Red Jahnke, or Cal Thomas, but, to their credit, included mine, neither conservative, or GOP. The GOP has become a far-right party, has a long history of racism, is authoritarian, tends to dictatorship, and has become an existential threat to the republic.

Former President Trump has a shady history, was financed by Russians, admires other authoritarians, demands loyalty, lies a lot, is surrounded by oligarchs, removed experts, made poor decisions, and attacked all of the supports of democracy.

Partisan politics has brought on extreme polarization.

On January 6 there was a violent insurrection to overthrow the government motivated by Trump and supported by his party.

The coup continues as sham recounts are starting in Republican states. Although the GOP has no constructive policy, it is unified in passing voter suppression laws. In Georgia giving a glass of water to someone waiting to vote is a crime.

If Congress cannot pass a voting rights bill like HR1, we may never have a real election again. Nothing hateful about this, it is a caution.

Robert Vogel

East Lyme



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