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Suppose there's no election in 2022?

Your house is on fire; your house is our nation. You elected a president who has no moral commitments, otherwise why would he desert Americans in Afghanistan, or invite people with diseases unvetted into your house, and use your taxes to pay their air flights to select states in the USA, boosting voters in the electoral college count favoring his party?

The Senate Finance Committee is controlled by a true communist, another high finance department head was educated in Russia. They have a financial plan for $3.5 trillion which is again to boost voters. Your checking account use under this plan will be sent by your bank to the IRS to watch you. You may also see a change from cash money to electronic money to watch you.

People may expect a 2022 election to change Congress but suppose the election does not take place because the president's party declares that the ugly state of the union requires Marshal law or a communist style takeover of powers already with department heads presently appointed. You and I are alone, we have no power to stop them. This could force our armed forces to choose sides, Biden, or us?

Howard Flora



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