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Marjorie Taylor Greene is no conservative

Staff writer Sten Spinella described Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as a "conservative" in the first sentence of his front-page article, “Marjorie Taylor Greene to visit Connecticut,” (Oct. 13).

He then went on to list her views: Greene apparently supports QAnon, a conspiracy theory that claims a large group of politicians and celebrities are cannibalistic pedophiles with links to space aliens.

Spinella also writes that Greene has endorsed the execution of Democrats, the secession of the red states from the Union, has spread COVID-19 misinformation, and has been reprimanded for racist and anti-Semitic comments.

I am sorry, but those are not conservative views. They are anti-American, crazy views. Please do not refer to Greene as a conservative again.

And voters, please beware of any Connecticut candidate who supports Greene. They clearly have terrible judgment and are not conservatives.

Doris Pulaski




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