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East Lyme students show wisdom by protesting

In response to The Day's coverage of events at East Lyme High School, “Students to protest East Lyme High School’s handling of racism,” (Nov. 15):

I discern that Vice Principal Henry Kidd has spoken wisely and well in this article and I think the students are wise to call a non-violent action to bring attention to their experiences of racial oppression.

Having grown up in East Lyme where I was born in 1945, I can say we never saw a person of color in school, or in town. Because East Lyme had no high school we went on to New London High and just then my mother advised me that I would be meeting "colored children" (the term used in those days, around 1960) and, she stated, "In our family we do not discriminate."

My mom was Fran Fraser, the Day's Flanders correspondent and I am proud of her for many reasons especially her guidance on living by the Golden Rule and treating all others as kin.

East Lyme is now considered "the place to live" and I believe The Day does a service in shining a light on the shadow side of that once humble farming town now morphed/mutated into what too often appears to be a bastion of upper middle-class self-satisfaction. The light of journalism helps us recognize what we need to attend to.

Sue Fraser Frankewicz




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