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'Support our village'

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented levels of trauma and crisis in our community, and especially in our children.

Great communities pull together during trying times. This pandemic is no different. We believe it takes a village, and we are proud members of our village known as New London.

Sadly, there are those who operate under the anonymous cloak of social media who are more interested in tearing our village apart rather than being part of its future. They bully. They lie. They attempt to intimidate, but to what end?

Those that have created a funnel of imagination through social media do nothing but harm. We ask you to join us and take a stand against the untruths that continue to circulate on social media.

As all of us continue to battle COVID-19 and the unknown effects it has had on us as individuals and a community, we ask you to support our village by asking questions and working together for all of our futures. A future that is brighter when we disagree but together find ways to move forward for a better tomorrow.

Elaine Maynard-Adams and Bryan Doughty

New London

The authors are members of the New London Board of Education.



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