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Legislators should fight to protect coastal access

As David Collins has reported in The Day, “DEEP to allow homeowner to put beach-obstructing fence on state-built groin,” (Nov. 24), and as I have noticed while walking at Seaside State Park, David Mortimer has built a very large house next to the park and seems to have grabbed areas that are not his to grab. He has posted “POLICE TAKE NOTICE” signs and even blocked access to concrete steps that provide safe passage over a state-built "groin" that stretches out into Long Island Sound.

He is violating state laws that protect public access. I have written to or called my local and state legislators, urging them to take all possible steps to uphold the laws that guarantee public access. I urge fellow Day readers to do the same. We do not want our legislators to just talk nice. We want our legislators to fight, if necessary, to uphold our long-held rights of access.

Carolyn Battista




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