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A little leak, no problem

The SCOTUS is twisting its robes over the leak of a draft opinion written by Justice Alito overturning Roe v Wade.

Who cares about the identity of the leaker? America needs to know that a cadre of Supreme Court Justices got their jobs by lying to Congress while under oath during their confirmation hearings.

They promised to respect precedent and reminded Congress that no Constitutional right had ever been taken away by the SCOTUS. They were willing to promise anything to get what they wanted, and they wanted it so bad.

America also needs to know that the SCOTUS tried to do a bit of election meddling by planning to release their opinion only after the midterm elections so that American women would not take the loss of their Constitutional rights to the polls with them.

The SCOTUS has become too responsive to the right wing due to the Republicans’ successful attempt to pack it with their own partisans. Change is necessary and term limits for Justices would be a start.

Anita Dees

New London


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