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Our generation has the chance to make things right

Hello and congratulations Class of 2020! This is a time of looking back over these past two years and applying what we have learned as we enter the next chapter of our lives. During our time at TRMC, we have been taught and encouraged to take the opportunities in front of us. I saw that the people who took those opportunities became more successful than those who didn’t. 

Our high school season is over and we have a new set of choices ahead of us that shape not only our future, but the world’s. Our system is broken. Not everyone gets the same opportunity. Systemic racism has decided for years who gets to have a choice or a fair chance. Our class, our generation has the chance to change this. Now is the time to push forward, to progress away from the wrongs of the past and make things right. The momentum has changed. We must demand and fight for the much needed changes that will honor each human created in the image of God. This is the moment to ensure that all humans have the same opportunity. It is imperative that we get this right; we need to get off the necks of others. I personally have a lot to learn and I am listening and standing next to all. I encourage everyone to stand tall, I encourage people with privilege to amplify the voices that have been ignored or worse, silenced! Be the change! Never give up!

Class of 2020, in five years, what will we be looking back on? Will we be encouraged to see justice for all, or will we be disappointed that we didn’t do more? Some of us will continue here at Three Rivers while others will depart. No matter where we go or where life takes us, we have the opportunity and responsibility to speak up and out against the injustices that have been pervasive and harmful, don’t let it go to waste. I wish you the best as we move forward into the next chapter of our lives. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! The class of change.


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