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    Sunday, February 25, 2024

    I just. Can’t. Take it anymore.

    In such times of distress, I normally consult that sage known as Popeye, who would famously lament, “that’s all I can stands; I can’t stands no more.”

    And I can’t.

    I’m finding that the score recently is Life In General 42, Mikey 0. Take, for example, the recent levels of incompetence and inadequacy that have come into my airspace:

    • Last week, Coast Guard inducted its latest class into the Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Except that the official program had more errors than Marv Throneberry.

    Inductee Craig Johnson, who has risen to Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard (and for my money the greatest basketball player in the school’s history) was listed as “Craig Johnston.” Inductee Colleen (Perry) Pomranky, who played softball at the Academy, was listed in the program as an inductee “for her achievements in cross country and track & field.”

    OK. I get that athletic communications have swirled the bowl at Coast Guard since Jason Southard and Bridget Delaney left. But how is it possible that everyone else whiffed here?

    Typographical errors happen. (They happen to me frequently). But this is utter carelessness. It would be like the Yankees holding a retirement ceremony for Babe Roof and Stan Gehrig. The inductees deserved better on an otherwise special night.

    The program also alerted us that Coast Guard’s 2008 men’s basketball team (which made the Elite Eight) was being honored “for achievements in men’s basketball.” As opposed to what they contributed to gardening?

    • Last week was also the 42nd annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship gala at Mystic Marriott. It is customary at the dinner for representatives of local businesses, the companies generously underwriting the scholarships, to introduce the winners to the crowd of 600.

    It’s nothing more complicated than reading the winner’s biography.

    So was it too much to ask that selected folks did their homework?

    Like pronouncing the kids’ names correctly? Be familiar with the biography’s contents for a smoother introduction? I felt terrible for one kid whose bio — and some of the names and information in it — was completely butchered.

    Again: Much appreciation to all the institutions helping fund a wonderful cause. But the responsibilities don’t end there.

    • I’ve stopped listening to WFAN. This week, I was reminded why.

    Published reports abound about how hosts Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata hung up on Carl Banks during an interview.

    This is Carl Banks, a member of the G-Men’s radio broadcast team and former Giants’ great.

    I mean, I get that talk radio is all shtick now for attention-seeking hosts who must feel freed from their failure to generate original thoughts. So a cause celebre is good for business.

    Except this is Carl Banks, who deserves more respect than that. (And that he might possibly know more about the Giants than two ham and eggers.)

    • This will be the second straight week that Channel 3, the state’s local CBS affiliate, chooses to air the Patriots over the Giants.

    I’ve stopped with the argument that the Giants have only been around for 100 years and have more fans here. Seems that Channel 3’s fetish with the Pats pertains to the local advertising it sells for the New England games, most of which air on Channel 3.

    I had no issues last week. Bills-Pats was a better game than Giants-Commanders.

    But this week? I’d love someone to make the argument that the entirety of Connecticut has more interest in Pats-Dolphins than Giants-Jets.

    But then there I go again flaunting another vicious pack of facts. Those old things. They just don’t seem to count anymore.

    • Lest you think I’m doing the glass houses thing here, I need to clean my own river as well. In a recent column, I misspelled the name of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship winner.

    Apologies to Shya Fine of Stonington (not “Shay” as I wrote). Thanks to Stonington teacher Michael Freeman for the info.

    I’ll do better next time.

    I hope I’m not alone.

    This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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