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    Sunday, June 16, 2024
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    April 04, 2023

    Visit the UConn Coastal Perspectives website for connection information. These lectures are being offered online and in-person.

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023; 7:30 p.m.

    Tessa L. Getchis, Connecticut Sea Grant, University of Connecticut; Department of Extension, University of Connecticut

    Zofia A. Baumann, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut

    Ensuring the Future Viability of Connecticut’s Natural Oyster Beds

    Connecticut has nearly 10,000 acres of protected natural oyster habitat. Oysters and oyster farming are a highly valued part of Connecticut’s maritime economy, environment, and culture. These beds have served as the primary source of seed for the state’s multi-million-dollar oyster industry, have sustained commercial harvest for nearly two centuries, and are among the world’s few self-sustaining oyster populations. Yet there are environmental and human-induced impacts to these critical habitats that reduce their function and ability to provide ecosystem services. In 2018, the state began a major planning effort to restore its oyster beds. The effort focused on characterizing oyster habitat across the state, compiling environmental and human use data for decision-making, and establishing management, research, outreach, and policy actions to help further facilitate oyster restoration. It is anticipated that these collective efforts involving a multitude of partner organizations will grow the state’s capacity for oyster restoration, result in a net gain in ecosystem services provided by oyster habitats, and ensure the sustainability of the shellfish industry that depends upon them.

    Visit the website for more details on the presenters and their topics: https://marinesciences.uconn.edu/lectures/

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