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    Friday, April 19, 2024

    Stonington out of 06355

    As a Mystic resident, I am constantly baffled why we must continuously have to come to terms with the governing in Stonington. I have a solution: the residents of Mystic, on both sides of the river, should petition our local State leadership for the entire 06355 zip code to be incorporated into The Town of Groton.

    The village of Mystic was first settled in 1654. Stonington was first settled in 1658. The east side of Mystic was not incorporated into Stonington until the early 18th century, when the United Colonies of New England, which began in earnest in 1643 to address border disputes, re-drew the borders between colonies and towns along the river divides.

    The United States of America had yet to exist when half of Mystic was placed under the governing body of Stonington. I do not see a salient case for Mystic to be governed by two different councils, two different P&Z Commissions, and two different police entities.

    If you would like a brief history of zoning in Stonington, look no further than the decision in the mid 1960s by the Town to create retail and commercial zones on Route 1 and the two State roads in Town. That was the very beginning of the Golden Triangle in Mystic. If you would like the current definition, look no further than where the Town of Stonington has granted access to the legal cannabis market. Every zoning decision in my lifetime has been to push the commercial and retail elements in Town as far away from Stonington Borough as possible.

    With the unusual political upheaval in Groton, perhaps the large voting bloc of the East side of Mystic might add balance? If the entire 06355 was in the Town of Groton, perhaps there might be a financial way forward on Flanders Road? A unified Planning and Zoning future for the entire village of Mystic to have a voice within would be ideal. Mystic being entirely inside the boundaries of Groton may add extra incentive to dissolve the City of Groton, which only incorporated in 1960. The recent re-drawing of State House maps reflects the reality that illustrates the possibility of future representation for the citizens of Mystic.

    These possibilities should sound enticing, and that if we have learned anything in the past seven years, it is that we do not have to live by rules created centuries ago, with little bearing on the economic and civic elements of today. (This also applies to the Supreme Court, which should be expanded to 13 justices to reflect the number of current US Appellate Courts, which is how the nine seat court was initially created.)

    Why would I include an economic boost to the Town of Groton if the entire 06355 was within Groton boundaries?

    Stonington’s Top 10 Taxpayers:

    1. Connecticut Light and Power, $42.2 million

    2. Mystic CT Senior Property LLC (Stone Ridge), $24.2 million

    3. Aquarion Water Co. of CT, $16.5 million

    4. Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, $11.4 million

    5. Senior Living by Masonicare, $29 million

    6. DDH Hotel Mystic LLC (Mystic Hilton) $10.3 million

    7. Joyce O. Resnikoff Trustee (OMV), $10 million

    8. VIII-HII-Whitehall Ave. LLC (Residence Inn), $10 million

    9. Spirit Master Funding X LLC (Davis Standard), $8.7 million

    10. Yankee Gas Services Co., $8.5 million

    (source: TheDay.com)

    The news today of the Stonington DPW staging the Donahue Park incident was my final thread.

    Add to this incident the repeated failings of the Stonington BOE, DPW, SHS, P&Z, and several recent First Select (Habarek): I have concluded that the Town of Stonington will not resemble anything coherent in the future. The citizens of Mystic should not be subjected to the Town of Stonington's mismanagement, and misconduct, any longer.

    The author is a lifelong Mystic resident.

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