Small steps to improve large-truck safety

My dad was a former truck driver many years ago for Swift Meat Company, so I have a deep respect for all truck driver's out there. My concern is being behind one on the highway and its rear tire launching a pebble or stone through the air and it hitting your car or windshield.

Also, many of the big-rig trucks have such small license plates, you have to squint to read them, and some seem covered in grease or pine tar so they are almost impossible to read. All states should be concerned over this issue and make larger license plates so drivers can copy down a license plate number of a truck instead of having to speed up and try to signal a trucker to pull over.

Make it mandatory that all trucks must keep their license plates clean at all times. One solution is before a truck leaves a weigh station, in order for it to leave the plate should be cleaned to pass inspection. All vehicles should have clean visible license plates.

Again, I respect all truck drivers and appreciate the goods and services these drivers deliver to our communities. I'm just trying to make things in life a little better and easier for all of us.

Ed Victoria


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