In political realm truth appears elusive

As Americans, we get our news from many sources. Many times though, the same story gets many different versions, even though the conclusion is very forthright. Politicians are often asked yes or no questions and instructed to give yes or no answers. They do not. It is the right of the American citizen to get a truthful answer and the duty of the politician to be forthcoming. Why do we accept our president's blatant lies or our attorney general lying under oath? (These are only two instances of many.)

It is now possible that millions of Americans might lose their health care and are not even given honest answers about these life and death situations. Laws must be made and enforced to make elected officials accountable. This is not a frivolous subject and must be addressed by all. Citizens must get truth from their elected officials. Laws that are to be enacted must have plain discourse for the public to review. Yes or no answers must be acknowledged and answered. Whoever knew that truth could be so complicated?

Robert Lyons


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