Republicans are anti-union

Could not help but laugh as I read the guest op “Connecticut’s survival needs new direction” (June 13). The Republicans continue to blame the state unions for all of Connecticut's problems.

These contracts were not done in a vacuum. Both sides agreed. As far as the SEBAC agreement, it was negotiated by a GOP Governor. The unions have offered $1.5 billion in concessions over two years. What have Len Fasano and Paul Formica offered to give back? They say they are not looking for a "Wisconsin" moment. I disagree. They would love a right-to-work state and trade collective bargaining for collective begging.

The GOP along with the CBIA (Connecticut Business and Industry Association) are anti-union and anti-worker. I have seen firsthand the disdain for organized labor as I dealt across the bargaining table from numerous right-wing politicians. Organized labor is a convenient punching bag for the fat cats who only care about feathering their own nests and those of the one percent. Please stop pretending that are only looking out for the good of the state. Tax those who don't pay their fair share, like the GOP president and his sycophants.

Wayne Meyers


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