Students and columnist were unfair to Spicer

David Collins asks if Sean Spicer will remember his alma mater, “Will Sean Spicer remember his alma mater when he gets rich?” (Aug 4). I'm sure he will, and all his fellow students who took great delight, as does Collins still, in calling him Sean Sphincter. This, in spite of the fact that these fine folks pledge to an honor code to comport themselves in a manner reflecting values most of us are taught at home. (And, by the way, I have to wonder how Mr. Collins would feel if someone came up with a profane fake name to ridicule him? Names hurt.)

Should Mr. Spicer come into the fortune this columnist gleefully anticipates, it would be poetic justice if he is as generous with his alma mater as Connecticut College has been with its own hometown. 

Lynda McLaughlin

New London

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