Facing critical decision, New London Board of Education needs Catala

The New London Board of Education is in the process of hiring a new superintendent. I am a graduate of New London High School. I have seen very positive gains in the city's public schools. Sadly, I have seen a decline as well over the past few years.

The magnet schools are great and have brought students into the city. This board cannot make any mistakes as they hire the new superintendent. The board has only two people running for re-election and there potentially could be big changes on the board. As I read The Day and follow the school board, one member has stayed consistent and knows the ropes. That is Jason Catala.

He has the most school board experience of any current sitting member and any candidate from both parties. I am saddened to see that some of his initiatives are ignored. He was right that the search committee should have more community representation. He wants transparency, which is needed throughout the superintendent search.

Catala needs to be re-elected. The new board will need his experience. Sports columnist Mike DiMauro had it right when he wrote that the board must show it cares for our city youth. It should take this task at hand very seriously.

Mark Anthony Battista


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