Our violent culture reaps what it sows

So, concerning those who abhor gun violence, I wonder if they watch violent television shows and movies with violence and series with violence. Do you watch shows where people are murdered? But that's OK, right? Not part of the gun culture, right?

How convenient. How very convenient to compartmentalize things to placate your conscious and continue the luxury with such a demoralized sense of "entertainment." Personally, I will not normalize abhorrent behavior and violence by consuming it as entertainment.

Have you ever questioned the radicalization of violence in the entertainment industry? Some are consumers of violence on a nightly basis yet rail against it when it's actualized in real life. If the rebuttal is, "Well, that's just entertainment," I respond by saying, "What standard are you using and why have you chosen murder and violence as your product of consumption?"

There are a plethora of alternatives. The children are watching the adults in actions and words. Come on kiddos, show time!

Geneva Renegar


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