Many reasons to block Pachaug Forest gun range

Our financially challenged state is pushing ahead, despite much opposition, in the construction of a firing range for the State Police adjacent to Pachaug State Forest. This is an affront to our state's citizens in many ways. The forest, which is the largest in the state, was set aside for the enjoyment of Connecticut residents many years ago, and will be degraded by this proposed facility. In addition, troopers from the western reaches of the state will travel upwards of 100 miles to reach this location, adding to the environmental and financial impact.

There are three things I would like readers to take away from my letter. The proposed gun range will contribute to global warming. We cannot afford to spend $22 million to build a new shooting facility adjacent to Pachaug State Forest (not including maintenance in perpetuity, the range is not sustainable) and, lastly, our leaders in Hartford almost unanimously tell us that guns are bad.

Keith Cunningham

North Stonington

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