Feel the shame of carrying out sexual harassment now to avoid it later

Like many, I have been awed by the numerous allegations, some decades old, coming out from victims of sexual impropriety, abuse and harassment that has allegedly happened at the hands of celebrities, comedians, and politicians in both parties. Not surprisingly, some deny that the allegations are true, while some confess immediately, claiming they feel ashamed and embarrassed by their actions − now.

Just like the convict who "finds Jesus" after committing a crime, some of these men are feeling contrite only because they got caught. They apparently didn't think twice about their careless actions when these offenses occurred and, in the case of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, they still don't. 

These are men behaving badly in an unfiltered moment, allowing their sexual impulses to overtake any sense of shame or conscience that curtails most of us from acting out an assault or making another person uncomfortable in our presence. To anyone who thinks it is OK to say or write something lewd to someone else, touch them without their consent or brag about such a conquest: feel your potential shame, regret and respect for women now, in the present, and you will never have to face it again.

The women in your life will thank you for it.

Cyndia Shook


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