He is sick of long lines at DMV

After going to the Department of Motor Vehicles you can no longer take a couple of hours off from work to get paperwork done. They need to be open six full days a week. You have to take off a full day, use a vacation day, to stand in line.

Why can’t it be run right? Hire more employees. Even if it has to charge an extra $10-$20 on services it’s better to have fast lines then have to take a day off from work. In my case, closed my store down for a day.

It’s everywhere in Connecticut not just one location. Now they all have security guards. People get angry waiting and waiting. How do other states keep lines moving?

You turn on the TV and all you hear about is the Connecticut DMV. I think it is time for everyone to send letters, make phone calls to the governor’s office. It’s 2018 and with all the high tech computers things should be easier and faster than 20 years ago. Open more offices.

Better yet, have Malloy take a day off and go to the DMV and stand in line and watch the expressions on peoples’ faces after being on there feet. I got there one day at 9:20 a.m. and got out at 3:30 p.m.

Stephen Linicus Sr.


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